Nicole Bartos, curator
トップ・ページ'Minapop Goldfish * Liverpool Updates'No.63

 「ゴールドフィッシュだより」 〜Minapop Goldfish * Liverpool Updates〜
【No.63, from NLW No.267】 ― 連載第63号 「Fire & Eurhythmy 」 ―

 Minapop Goldfish * Liverpool Updates -No.63


   'Fire & Eurhythmy' exhibition - the Ikonography, Mathew Street


Before Opening

Mieko Noguchi's 'Autumn Landscape', Nagachoo and Mathew Street
Hanging works Mieko
Hanging works Nagachoo, Nicole

Instalation work by Jayne Hannay

Mieko Picking wild plants from Nicole's garden

Private Viewing
Nagachoo's Pryography WorkNagachoo ...No Yoruni Performance
Nagachoo ...No Yoruni Performance*
Mieko and Ian Nagachoo and Fachon

'Late Night Soup Party'
Late nite soup party at Nicole's house!
Nicole Bartos, curator

**** Minapop Goldfish * Liverpool Updates ****   

   Public Space Arts - everywhere in Liverpool

Rigo 23 - St. George's Hall

Mario Navarro - Picton Library

Ken Lum - St. John's Garden
"Monument to Napoleonic Soldiers and Other Things in Common"*
From the bottom of the cylinder* In the cylinders

Matej Andraz Vogrincic - St. Luke's Church (Bomb Church)

Teresa Margolles - Duke Street
"On Sorrow"

Jeppe Hein - Chinatown
"Loop Bench"

**** Minapop Goldfish * Liverpool Updates ****   

Photo Copyright(C) 2006 minakO jacksOn
*Photo Copyright(C) 2006 Ian Jackson

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トップ・ページ'Minapop Goldfish * Liverpool Updates'No.63